Bark River Bravo 1 Leather Sheath


All sheaths are meticulously crafted by hand from premium quality, vegetable tanned, leather. Only full grain leather is used, which means that no part is split (removed) so the leather retains its full strength. The top is not sanded and shows a lot of distinctive character. No two sheaths are alike.

Leather is wet formed around the knife for a custom fit.

Full grain leather develops beautiful patina and gets better with age and use.


Sheaths are stitched by hand using the traditional saddle stitch method. The stitching will not come undone if the thread is damaged or cut. Only the best quality threads, Barbour’s Red Hand Pure Flax Sinew (USA), and Ritza 25 “Tiger Thread” (Germany), are used. Both are treated with beeswax for durability and longevity.


Many colors are available. Leather is dyed using Fiebing’s Professional Oil Dyes. Most of the time I mix several dyes for a “rustic” effect. Each sheath is meticulously finished.


Both, inside and out, are treated with oil and beeswax compounds. Tanning makes leather dry. The moisturizing process is vital to making the leather supple and resilient. All edges are waxed, burnished and polished to a high sheen. These sheaths will withstand wet weather conditions, however, they are made of leather and should be treated accordingly.

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